Quartz sinks are superior to conventional sinks
Do you know anything about the quartz stone trough?
How to choose quartz sink?
Learn how to identify the quality of quartz stone

High Resistance Of Damage, Anti Scratch

Dense nonporous quartz base material, surface treatment of multichannel equipment technology, no scratching and not permeate,  the granite sink made by the highest 93% quartz and its hardness is only second to the diamond. With its outstanding resistance, even if knives, shovels, forks and other edge tools which are commonly used in the kitchen are also difficult to damage the surface of sink, bringing you lasting and fresh feelings.

Super natural, More Clear

The item surface of our granite sink pay attention to both the beauty and health which will not like rough surface, will hiding stains and breeding bacteria easily. It  has a qualitative difference from those traditional rough surface such as flamed surface, ballast-surface and sandblasted.

High Resistance Of High Temperature, Easy Clean

The bibulous rate of our granite sink is only 0.03%. It has very high resistance of corrosion and will not easy permeate on daily using liquid such as coffee, vinegar, lemon juice, wine, olive oil etc. The items has very good resistance on oil and stains, easy to clean, and high temperature resistance of above 300℃ which can be cleaned quickly and conveniently using water and normal kitchen cleanser。 Moreover, it can keep as bright and clean as new no matter how long you use it.